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Weekly Money Multiplier could set you up to double your money overnight – but only if you know how to identify and execute the right trades.

Do you wish to make some money from trading stocks? You are not the only one, as this is an investment opportunity that has transformed the lives of many people worldwide.

In fact, the opportunity is so enticing that there are people who quit their day jobs to focus on full-time trading. This group of people probably employ trading strategies that end up earning them millions of dollars in profits.

Talking about strategies, you probably are just getting started and are yet to formulate one. Worry not!

The best way to get into this game and get what you were hoping for is by getting guidance from the experts. This minimizes the chances of losing all that you have invested in the market.

One expert platform that offers you this guidance is the Weekly Money Multiplier. Before trading here, take your time and read our review of this alerts service.

What is The Weekly Money Multiplier?

This is a trading alerts service run by Jeff Bishop, Nathan Bear, and Jason Bond. These three are veterans in the stock markets, and they use their vast experience to run the program.

The program focuses on trading alerts and trader education and is part of the Raging Bull Trading Service. 

You are in luck if you are a beginner in stock trading, as this service is designed to teach you the basics as well.

Keep in mind that the initial investment to use this service is quite significant. However, we consider this a small price to pay owing to the kind of opportunities provided by these three trading gurus.

Key Features

Once you subscribe to this service, there is a lot that you are going to find in the service. We have discussed what you will be receiving from this package below.

1. Portfolio Updates

How you start is going to determine how profitable your life in the stock market will be. Therefore, you will get an exclusive peek at Nathan's portfolio, which allows you to copy some of his strategies.

These updates should minimize the risk of making losses, and you become better placed to be consistent in generating profits.

Since you are learning from pros in the game, it will give you an edge over other beginners who aspire to be successful stock traders.

2. Options Trading Resources for Newbies

As a beginner, you need all the help you can get to find your feet in stock trading. For this reason, you will find step-by-step instructions to educate on the workings of options trading. 

There are over 21 lessons for you to go through, plus the 30-hour video material is something that should give you a visual picture of how the trade works.

Take your time as you go through all the lessons and videos, keeping in mind that you will not become a master in the craft overnight.

Here, you will be taught how to pick trades, as well as how to let go of the losing trades without denting your trading account too much.

3. Nathan Bear’s Video Library

Another thing that you will get access to is the video content developed by Nathan Bear himself. All the content is high-quality, and it includes an introduction to Fibonacci trading technique.

This technique is quite handy for the beginners as it helps them make a great start in the trade.

There are also trading psychology videos that aim to teach you how to make bold moves in the market. This should go some way in boosting your success in trading stocks.

Another video that you should take advantage of is 'Scanning with Finiz, ' which helps to familiarize you with the platform. This video should give you an easy time finding profitable trades in the market.

4. Live Trade Alerts

These alerts, which are also sent to Nathan himself, shall be delivered to you via e-mail or text messages. 

If you wish to get the alerts via the notification panel of your smartphone, there is an application that you should download for this to be possible.

They should point out opportunities that are likely to give you bigger returns.

5. Live Training Sessions

You are also going to get invitations to special live training sessions by Nathan. These sessions aim to develop you into a more confident options trader, and they occur throughout the year.

6. Risk Management and Avoidance

Besides showing you how to put trades together, Nathan also goes ahead to explain to you how you could avoid risks as well as how to mitigate them.

7. Trader Updates

Nathan would text and email these updates to you, the subscriber. These updates entail his ideas, opinions, and commentary on any significant developments in the world of stock trading.

He also updates you on the trades he is following as they could also make you some big profits should you choose to follow the same path.

8. Lessons on High Conviction Option Swing Trades

Here, you will get alerts on where Nathan places his trades and how they progress. These alerts will come via texts and emails, and they should help nurture you into a pro just like Nathan.

9. Chat Room

This is a platform where you have the opportunity to ask any questions that you have. On top of that, the chat room offers you the perfect chance to create your own networks in the trade.

10. Time Frames

In this program, Nathan will show you how he uses different time frames to make his entries and exits in the market. You find that the higher the time frame, the holding period will be of a longer-term.

Weekly Money Multiplier E-Book

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How You Can Benefit from the Program

There are several ways that this program can be beneficial to your venture into the stock market.

  • First, you will be learning from one of the best traders in stock options. Nathan is a member of a high-IQ society and has broken down the instructions into easy-to-follow steps.
  • Then, the video lessons are meant to give you a smooth introduction into the game. Once you are comfortable, there is an advanced level specially designed for those who are ready to proceed more in-depth into the trade.
  • Another thing is that the live training sessions occur all-year-round and will ensure that you are always learning new skills while maintaining the ones you already have.
  • When you get access to Nathan’s portfolio in real-time, you can copy his moves since he is an expert whose strategies rarely fail to yield profits.
  • In the end, you will be become better in avoiding as well as mitigating the effects of the various risks in the market.


Now that you have known what you would be getting from this program, the question that must be ringing through your mind is, 'how much does it cost?'

Well, it does not come cheap. This may be due to the many different features it has that are hard to find in competing programs.

A bright side to the pricing is that it is a risk-free investment due to the money-back guarantee backing it. This should prove to you how confident the developer is with this program.

Another thing that should calm your nerves when it comes to pricing is that you have two packages to choose from. This means that the one you are going for will solely depend on your budget.

The plans available are the lifetime subscription plan and the quarterly plan.

1. The Lifetime Plan

We consider the deal offered by this plan to be the best. It will cost you a once-off fee of $1497 down from the original price of $5898. See how much you would save?

Once you pay this fee, you get full access to all the resources that come with this program. At no point will you be required to make any additional payments.

2. The Quarterly Subscription Plan

If the lifetime plan seems too costly, here is the plan that you should consider. Here, you have to part with $499.

In the one-year plan, you will gain access to the platform's features for an initial period of 12 months. Once this period lapses, you can decide to renew the plan for another 12-months, or you could go for the lifetime subscription.

A common feature of both plans is that with both of them, you can access the live training sessions, real-time trading updates, live access to Nathan’s portfolio, plus you will also receive the text and email alerts.

Nathan assures you of at least 12 successful trades in the first year of your subscription.

And, if you do not like what you are getting, you will get a full no-questions-asked refund of your money.

Who are the Developers?

This is a program that is run by both Jeff Bishop and Nathan Bear. Let’s check into their backgrounds a bit to know what they are about, and this should give us an idea on the suitability of this platform for options trading.

Nathan Bear

This is an individual who got tired of the 9-5 day job as he felt that it wasn't enough to guarantee his financial security.

In the beginning, he made huge losses in the trade, but instead of quitting, he learned from his mistakes and kept pushing on. Eventually, he adopted a unique trading strategy, and his trading account grew from $37,525 to $1.85 million in under four years.

Tired of seeing novices being scammed every day, he went on to create a trading system to help aspiring traders become successful in the trade.

The system is easy to master, and in a few weeks, you should have found your footing in this field of options trading.

Jeff Bishop

Jeff is also the founder of Raging Bull, and besides being a multi-millionaire trader, he is a member of MENSA, which is a members' only club of high-IQ individuals.

He has over 20-years of experience in trading options and has developed strategies that deliver him at least a single 100% options trade in a week.

Bishop's trading education and alert sites have produced some of the best traders who have ended up becoming millionaires and moderators in other trading services.

Jeff, together with another trader called Bond, are the ones who tutored Nathan into the success story that he is.

Who Is this the Weekly Money Multiplier Ideal for?

This site focuses on directional bets, which tend to be riskier than average. This is unlike other options sites which collect income by selling premium. As you would expect, the riskier trade tends to carry more reward.

Therefore, the trade alerts are more suited for risk-tolerant traders who are familiar with the technicalities of stock trading.

On the other hand, the site has a superb organization that is likely to appeal to the newbies who aspire to build up their skill set.

However, as a beginner, you need high levels of patience and discipline to make the most of this service. They need to understand how volatile options are, and a winning position can turn red in the blink of an eye. This is particularly so if they are held overnight.

Is It Legit?

From what we have seen, this is a product that you ought to try out. The platform has been designed to be very easy to understand. As a beginner, you are going to have an easy time grasping the novice, intermediate, and advanced stock trading strategies.

Just like any other business, you cannot avoid making losses in stock trading. However, this service will offer you courses on how you can minimize the damages.


  • First, everything has been presented in such a way that anyone could understand the steps involved
  • Then, this is a transparent program whereby you even get access to the developer’s trading portfolio plus you receive the same alerts and updates as him. This should assure you that he is using the same tips that he is giving you to make his moves
  • We also liked the excellent customer support to respond to any queries you may have on the service


  • It is quite expensive
  • The subscribers are bombarded with too many advertising emails regarding other services offered by Raging Bull
  • The directional trades are too risky and you need to pay special attention to them

Final Words

We recommend that you try out this service if you want to boost your chances of becoming a successful stock trader.

Besides all the material and training you will be receiving, it is comforting to know that the service was developed by experts who have become millionaires from the same strategies that they are teaching you.

On top of everything, this program allows you to become either a part-time or full-time trader.