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With Total Alpha Jeff uncovers profitable options trading strategies. He uses these strategies to target profitable trading opportunities, and masterfully applies these trading techniques and to target maximum profits!

Do you intend to try options trading? If you do, there are several things that you should keep in mind. First is that a high proportion of traders tend to quit before realizing profits from their investments.

Studies reveal that the percentage of those who quit could be as high as 93%.

If you have been researching strategies that could help you reap profits from your options trade, you must have come across the Total Alpha Trading method by Jeff Bishop.

We have done an extensive review of this approach to help you decide whether it is worth trying out.

What Is Total Alpha Trading?

This is a trading platform that was specially designed for the newbies in the stock and options markets. The system aims to help you make strategies that would boost your chances of making successful trades.

The strategy that is developed in this system has been tried and tested severally to lead to successful results. 

A point to note is that these hacks are not limited to newbies only, but even pros could make use of them too. So, you can expect better results as opposed to what you would get if guesswork were involved.

Joining the platform is quite easy. Just enter your email address, and you will be provided with the sign-in steps.

Once you have completed the steps, you will get access to the strategies you would use to make profits in the stock market. What’s more, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from the master himself – Jeff Bishop (more on him later).

Key Features

To understand how this platform works, we are going to break down some of the key features that you are going to find in this platform.

All of them should contribute to guiding you towards the profit-making goal that this trading tool was intended for.

1. Jeff’s Total Alpha Trade Alerts

These alerts aim to ensure that you are always up to speed on any major stock market events. Therefore, you can easily know which options to invest in at any particular moment.

2. Market Forecasts

As the name suggests, this feature aims to predict the situation that the market is likely to be in at a certain period in time. This would help you decide on the appropriate move to make at that particular time.

3. Jeff’s Live Streaming Portfolio

Here, you get to know the exact moves that Jeff is making in real-time. As a result, you should realize the importance of making your moves swiftly so as not to miss any opportunity presenting itself.

It is vital for you to see how Bishop is managing his portfolio to understand that he also relies on the same tips that he is giving you.

4. Jeff’s Account

Giving you a clear picture of Jeff’s account ensures that you never miss a moment even in the fast-paced world of options trading. And above all, this enhances the transparency of the entire program.

5. Jeff’s Trade Positions

This feature aims to give you an idea of the ideal time to exit trades. Bishop will guide you in making this decision by explaining the logic behind the specific move he has made.

On top of that, you are also going to be taught how to lock in the earnings that you have made.

6. Charting

The charts on the platform are going to help you analyze the trend of the stock's performance over a specific duration. In the end, you should conclude what to expect from the stocks you are investing in.

Even better is that you are going to have a guide on how to analyze these charts.

7. Live Training Sessions

Another thing we liked is the training sessions that you are going to have with the creator of the program. These sessions include a Q&A segment where you get clarity for any issue you may have from other members or Jeff himself.

Trader's Black Book

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How You Can Benefit

There are several tricks that you could pick from this program. This is by understanding some of Jeff's strategies to earn the kind of profits that he does. 

  • Time Decay

This simply refers to options losing money every day. An option that goes out for more than a year is more likely to have some value than one that does so for a month.

The longer the duration until expiry, the higher the chance that the option contract would payout.

  • Buying Options

You are likely to make some profit if you buy options when the stock moves in the direction of the buyer’s trade.

An option closer to expiration may cost less, but it also decays at a faster rate. The opposite applies to options with a lot of time left.

Therefore, if you get these timings right, you would know the ideal time to make a trade with the hope of making profits.

  • Selling Options

When you sell options closer to their expiration, you will boost your earnings as opposed to selling those that have a lot of time left.

Try not to sell anything that is over 60-days as you won’t make much from the time decay.

The above three pointers are some handy tips that you could pick from this platform and help boost your chances of making a profit in the trade.

Who Is Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop is a millionaire trader who specializes in options trading. He has been in the game for around twenty years, and this duration has been more than enough for him to perfect various strategies that boost his chances of making profits in the trade.

His areas of specialization include options and ETFs. Note that these two possess some similarities as you set up the trading system.

He graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in finance and economics. If this is not enough to convince you of his intelligence, then what about his MENSA membership?

MENSA is an organization whose members include individuals who have an IQ score of higher than 150. 

Jeff’s articles have been published on some of the most popular stock trading blogs such as Seeking Alpha.

The exact net worth of Jeff Bishop is not clear, but his multi-millionaire status can be attributed to the profits he has acquired from his stock market trade.

His unique strategies are what have made it possible for him to make all those profits.

Other programs that we could associate with Jeff Bishop include:

  • Jeff Bishop’s Options Course
  • The Raging Bull

Is this Program Legit?

Yes, it is. This is because the indicators that Jeff uses to boost his chances of making profits rarely fail.

These include:

  • Not trading when the SPY trades below the 200-hourly moving average.
  • Using the S&P earnings growth as an indicator of when to buy stocks
  • The VIX should not be higher than 14 to take a trade

The above principles should give you a hint of how genuine this program is.

Pros & Cons

There are several benefits and drawbacks that we can associate with using this platform to trade in the stock market. 


  • The Creator - Although we shall talk about the creator more later on, Jeff Bishop is a reputable name in the world of stock markets.He uses his experience in the markets to create a platform that would significantly boost your chances of making profits. What better way to learn that watching the GOAT himself to his thing?
  • Free training - As a newbie, you will get free training to get you accustomed to the basics of the trade. With time, you should be capable of standing on your own feet.
  • Transparency - There is nothing fishy about this platform. To prove this to you, Jeff allows you to watch his every move in the market. This should assure you that every tip he gives is genuine as he employs them too.
  • Easy to join - Another thing is that joining this platform is a straightforward process. All you do is sign-up your email address, and the rest of the procedures shall be sent to you.


  • Patience - Note that you should not expect to start making huge profits overnight. A little patience pays even in this program.
  • Too Good to Be True? - Some marketers tend to overhype this program making some of its claims seem too good to be true. So, set you expectations right, learn, and above all be patient. 
  • Pop-Ups - The official sales-page has pop-ups which might distract you as you sign up. Luckily, you can simply close them and focus on what matters the most to you. 

Final Words

Trading is just like any other business. Therefore, you need all the help you can get to stay in the game long enough to start making profits.

Total Alpha Trading is one platform that would give you an easy entry into this trade as it has been designed to be beginner-friendly. You’d find it advantageous, especially if you are into options trading.

So, why don't you try it out? We do believe it’d be worth every dime you invest in it.