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Jeff Williams is a full-time day trader with over 15 years experience. Thousands of entry-level and experienced traders alike credit Jeff with guiding them to small-cap profits and in helping them to turn small accounts into big accounts.

If you want to join stocks trading, you must have done a lot of reading concerning the stock market. We can guess that you have come across several articles telling how you need to invest big to get started.

Well, this is not true as there are platforms that allow you to start small and grow your wealth slowly over time.

One such service is the Profit Prism which is developed by Jeff Williams, who has been trading stocks for over ten years.

Before you invest in this program, check out our extensive review on it and see whether it is worth the money.

What Profit Prism Really Is?

Profit Prism is a system by Jeff Williams, which is specially designed for the beginners who have small trading accounts. The program aims to help the newbie turn these accounts into larger ones in the shortest time possible. 

This service is easy to understand, plus you get regular alerts via text messages and emails.

It targets the small investors, and it stands apart from similar services which focus on the Blue Chip Stocks.

The reasoning behind this move is that while small stocks can move for a thousand percentage points in a year, the bigger stocks barely even get to 10% within the same duration.

The Key Features/Services Offered

Let us now check out some of the services that you can find in this platform. Note that this is a basic system where everything is straightforward to understand.

I) Watch Lists

This system contains high-quality watch lists whereby you get to monitor some stocks. This will make it easier for you to pick trades that you find promising.

Your decision would be guided by the news and technical analysis, and this should limit the number of stocks that you will be monitoring.

The watch lists are crucial in helping you decide on your ideal trading style, and you can create a strategy that would be compatible with your risk appetite.

II) Chat Room

This is a community of stock traders where various discussion take place. In this platform, members get to share their ideas on the stock market.

You get to learn a lot as you interact with different kinds of traders out there. It is possible that pick a lot of valuable information from these discussions rather than the usual trade alerts.

However, do not follow all the tips given to you since some of these traders are wannabes who may end up misleading you. Be very keen before taking a trade that has been suggested by any of the members.

Jeff’s team is always on standby to guide you to the latter.

III) Stock Alerts

These alerts come in the form of text messages and emails. On top of that, you can choose to receive these alerts in the chatroom to ensure you are always up to speed with what is going on, no matter how busy you are.

They may be brief, but the alerts contain all the information you need before making a move. They contain buy/sell details and some thesis behind the thought.

The advantage of these alerts is that you can enter/exit the market even when you have been too busy to follow the news or other indicators.

IV) Educative Videos

A huge portion of this platform comprises of educational videos which cover a wide range of topics on stock trading. As a beginner, you are going to find this content to be very helpful as you try to find your feet in the new trade and you can build up on your skills appropriately.

New videos are released all the time, and all of them are of the highest quality.

V) Webinars

Another service that you receive from this platform is regular access to webinars. These webinars are planned by either Jeff himself or his team, and the content is organized according to the learner’s level of experience, i.e. beginner or advanced.

Here, you get the opportunity to interact with the trainers in real-time, and you can have a live Q&A session.

The trainers are patient with you, and they will take their time to respond to any query you may have. This team of trainers are friendly, and a beginner would be enticed to continue using this platform.

Profit Prism

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The 5-Step System to Exponentially Grow your Trading Account

Now, we are going to touch on the PennyPro Profit Prism trading strategy. Jeff himself tried it on one of his trading accounts, and it grew from $5000 to $16000 in three months only. 

The five steps that we have discussed below have been tried and tested to increase the value of small accounts in the shortest time possible.

1. Finding the Perfect Trading Strategy for You

For over twenty years, Jeff has used this strategy to yield impressive results and so you would not be mistaken to take the same route.

2. Paper Trading and Backtesting your strategy

Try out Jeff's watch list and then use a simulator to trade the stocks. This would enable you to decide on whether the strategy works.

3. Conservativeness and Consolidating the Small Wins

Do not always aim for the home runs as this may easily destroy the small account. Instead, focus on the small wins and see how they accumulate as time goes by.

4. Optimize your Strategy

With time, you should learn what works for you and what you should avoid. Ideally, a trading journal would help you track these developments.

5. Winning Streaks

If you want to maintain your momentum, it is vital that you develop a winning streak for consistency.


Now that you know what the program is about, now comes another crucial part. How much does it cost?

The deal is quite straightforward; pay $297 to receive a 3-month subscription. Pricey, isn’t it? But for the services you would receive, this is actually a bargain.

Further, there are competing platforms that cost way more for similar services.

The Founder: Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is a former teacher who also founded PennyPro. He has been trading stocks for almost ten years plus is a member of the Raging Bull Stock trading service that offers educational content to aspiring and veteran traders.

He is a multi-millionaire who has nurtured many other novice traders in starting with small accounts which grew over time to be worth millions of dollars.

Is it Worth It?

From our perspective, this is a program that you should try out. The outstanding feature is that it focuses on the small investors, unlike other platforms which are more interested in Blue Chip stocks.

Then, you have a competent team of traders to guide you through the trade. They would help you make huge profits in the long run plus they are also knowledgeable when it comes to the psychology of successful trading.

This team does a great job of alerting you when you can open trades as well as the perfect time to exit the market.

In this way, you can consolidate your small wins over time.


  • The creator has years of experience in trading stocks
  • You do not need a lot of capital to get started
  • It is designed to be appealing to the beginners
  • Has a chatroom for interacting with other traders
  • Amazing customer support


  • Some tips in the chatroom can be misleading
  • The subscription cost is a bit steep at $297 for three months

Final Words

If you are a beginner and you would like your account to grow steadily over time, we recommend that you invest in the Profit Prism.

Intermediate traders too are suited for this platform, and you can find all the information you need to become a successful trader in future.