The stock market is a crazy place. Every other day, we hear news of investors who lose money after making a few wrong moves.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. There are success stories too, as there are individuals who have grown from ordinary full-time employees to multi-millionaires. All because they used winning strategies as they traded in stocks.

An excellent example of such a person is Kyle Dennis, who is one of the most reputable names in the world of stock markets. He is the face behind numerous stock alert services and educational platforms.

In our Kyle Dennis review, we are going to tell you all there is to know about him.

Who Is Kyle Dennis?

When it comes to the world of stock trading, Kyle Dennis needs no introduction. He is a self-made guru whose rise in the trade could be equated to a miracle.

Even more interesting is that he joined the stock market without any prior experience in the field but went on to develop multiple strategies and programs that have helped other traders make huge profits.

A Brief Look Into His Background

Kyle graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. From there, his first job was a Real Estate Acquisition Analyst. 

It was during this time as an ordinary employee that Kyle developed an interest in the stock market. A lot of digging and reading suggests that trading stocks harbors a lot of potential.

He then proceeded to invest in the stock markets, and this gave him the chance to try out different strategies. Over time, he came up with a system that gave him great returns from most of the trades he undertook.

In a short span of three years, Kyle has grown from an average trade to a guru who has founded several stock trading services. It is hard to believe that a small initial investment of $15,000 was able to grow into over $1 million within a year.

With that, Kyle is one of the most sought-after stock market investors from individuals who aspire to achieve the same level of success as he did.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of a rags-to-riches story?

Inside Kyle’s Programs

With his prowess in stock market trading, Kyle has been idolized by many individuals. He particularly has a large following among the newbies who may find the stock market to be a confusing world.

Instead of being selfish with information, Kyle decided to come up with systems that would guide beginners as they join the trade. These mentoring services have proven to be very useful over the years.

We are going to have a look at some of these programs that Kyle has developed.

1. BioTech Breakouts Platform

This is one of the biggest success stories that could be associated with Kyle Dennis. It involves a unique strategy system that is capable of detecting the direction of certain stocks.

In this way, it becomes easy to determine when a trade has to be made.

This platform comes with several useful tools that are meant to be handy to you as you look for the best trades to initiate.

Once you subscribe to the platform, you will gain access to these tools, and they include:

  • Portfolio Summaries
  • Biotech Watch Lists
  • Expert Biotech Insights
  • Catalyst Trade Alerts

Another outstanding feature of this program is that in case of any issues, there is an expert team under Kyle that is always on standby to help you out.

2. Sniper Report

The Sniper Report is one of the most affordable creations by Kyle, and it only costs $297. This service is an excellent choice if you are looking to make profits from the stock market.

This service offers live analysis of index and ETF securities. You will get access to the Daily Watch List used by Kyle so that you can understand the signals that he uses to make investments with the greatest potential of earning profits.

From the information that you get from this service, you would be in a better position to initiate profitable trades.

You may also choose to receive live updates on opportunities that would enable you to initiate swing trades. On top of that, you could also receive alerts via text and email messages.

3. Free Educational Training Sessions

Kyle has an official blog that is packed with a lot of free educational content. You could choose to subscribe to the free video course or opt for the full paid membership. Whichever option you go for, there is always something for you to learn.

However, the paid course offers access to more advanced information than free mode.

In the free video course, you can expect to find the following:

  • A three-part series on how you could do Biotech Research. This is one of Kyle’s strong points
  • A variety of videos showing you different strategies that you could use in pointing out profitable trading opportunities

On top of everything, Kyle has published several posts on the blog. You can access them at no cost, and you are likely to find useful information on how you can hit the ground running in the stock market.

4. FDA Insider Alerts

This is a system whose aim is to give you access to high-value trade signals. It may be targeting big-time investors willing to make an initial investment of $100,000, but the opportunities that the service provides you with are what make it worthwhile.

Once you subscribe to the FDA Insider Alerts, you are going to get access to the BioTech Breakouts platform, which in turn gives you signals on short-term investments. These signals should enable you to earn profits in between one and three days. 

The profits may not be that big, but they present an excellent way of diving into the stock market.

The signals that this service provides offer you a chance to earn returns of about 5-10% on the investments you make.

This service is available at $399 quarterly. The price may be steep, but the value you get from it certainly makes it worth the cost.

5. Dollar Ace

Dollar Ace is a stock picking service whereby once you subscribe, any time Kyle executes a new trade, entry and exit signals will be sent to you. On top of that, the subscribers will be sent a watch list for the upcoming day.

These alerts are sent to you via email.

How does this system work? Well, it is very simple. Kyle looks out for unusual market movement, which often points at insider activity. The logic behind this is that there is always a player who possesses some information which an ordinary trader does not have.

The strategy that Kyle uses here is very low-risk, and we could attribute this to the fact that Kyle buys Call and Put Options without selling them for premium.

Another thing is that this service gives you access to Kyles portfolio so that you can see when he changes or closes his position. This is one of the reasons that make this program to be so transparent.

6. Fast 5 Trades

This service is based on a unique strategy that involves acquiring stocks on Monday and selling them by Friday. The ultimate goal is to minimize the trade frequency and, at the same time, boost profitability.

Kyle claims that this strategy brings mind-blowing earnings, and this is something that is poised to capture anyone's attention.

Every Monday morning, subscribers to this service receive newsletters containing one top trade idea. These newsletters are sent before the markets open to give you an advantage over other traders.

These alerts are not sent out randomly. Instead, Kyle sends them out after scanning the market to locate the best setup. He does an extensive analysis of factors such as major events, news, insider activities, trends, and catalysts.

Of all the interesting stocks that Kyle compiles, he only sends out one pick, the best. With this strategy, the trader should aim to make as much money as possible within five days i.e., Monday to Friday.

8. Catalyst Swing Trading Service

In this service, you are going to receive two kinds of alerts. They are:

  • The Biotech Breakouts-these are fast-moving trades with shorter holding time-frames ranging between one to three days. The profits goals as well are smaller at five to ten percent.

Another thing is that all these trades are based on heavy technical analysis

  • Catalyst Swing Trades-these are slower-moving trades with a longer holding period from one week and beyond. Also, the profit goals are higher, ranging between 10-20%.

These trades are based on technical analysis and forthcoming catalyst events

At the start of each day, the service comes up with a daily watch list, while a portfolio summary comes out every Friday.

This service is ideal for you if you consider yourself to be an active trader, and you will get the alerts in text messages and emails.

To benefit from the service, it will cost you $399 quarterly. 

9. Biotech Nucleus

The Biotech Nucleus is a mentoring service by Kyle and is highly personalized. However, it is highly recommended only for those traders who know they can display a high level of commitment.

It is the costliest service by Dennis, and it would cost you a staggering $5,999 annually. Once you pay this amount, you will access all that is available in the Biotech Investor and Catalyst Swing Trading services. 

The key features of this service include:

  • Video Watch Lists
  • Chat room
  • Live Trading sessions under the guidance of Kyle himself
  • Video Wrap-Ups
  • Brain Trust Webinars
  • Occasional Extra Day Trade and Options Alerts

With all that you are receiving, it is easy to understand the high pricing of this service.

Is Kyle Dennis Legit?

There is little that would make anyone doubt Kyle Dennis's legitimacy. While we cannot tell his exact net worth, we can know that he is a multi-millionaire courtesy of the trading strategies that he has applied.

Then, he has developed under the guidance of Jason Bond, who is another stock market guru. 

If you still have any doubts about Dennis, go online and see if you can find any negative reviews under his name.

Final Words

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran trader, you can never underestimate the value of investment advice. If you are undecided on whose advice you can trust and follow, look out for someone with an impeccable track record.

One such individual is Kyle Dennis, and you can judge his prowess by looking at all the services that he has founded.

We hope that our article has given you all that you need to know about Kyle Dennis, as we believe he is an individual you can trust.

And next time you need an ideal service that will guide you as you trade in stocks, consider trying out this guru’s stock alerts.