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Over the last decade tens of thousands of students have learned from Jason’s premier trading service JASON BOND PICKS, which focuses on hunting down momentum on stocks. Jason’s easy-to-follow service has helped mint multiple millionaire traders and is built on 3-core pillars that separate it from all of the other services out there:

The world of stock trading can be very tricky for a newbie. It is hard to distinguish legit or scams plus time may not be on your side to allow you to conduct wholesome research on the market.

There is an easy way to get out of this situation. First, you need to use a stock picking service as this would help you save time as well as minimize the many mistakes newcomers normally make.

Also, a stock-picking service offers the freedom to do other things so you don’t have to sit down all day staring at the charts.

Now that you know something about stock picking services, which one should you go for? Here, we advise that you for the highly reputable services since there are many scammers in the internet waiting to pounce on the next available victim.

This is where we are going to introduce you to Jason Bond Picks, and our review is going to give you a clearer picture of this service.

What is Jason Bond Picks?

This is a stock picking service by Jason Bond, who is a reputable trader in the world of stock markets. The service shows the traders how they can invest in high-quality yet low-priced stocks without having to sit in front of their desktops the entire day.

The program is packed with a lot of educational content to help you learn Jason’s trading strategies so that you can be equally successful.

In addition to that, the program also has day trading, and swing trading picks services which the users could subscribe to.

Jason Bond Picks is part of Raging Bull LLC, which Jason co-owns with Jeff Bishop, another pro in the game.

One thing you should know about the service is that it only deals with long term strategies, rather than options trading or short selling.

What you get From the Program

You must be wondering what features you get access to once you subscribe to this program. So, we are going to break down the main features of this service so that you can get a deeper understanding of this program.

Here we go.

1. The Millionaire Roadmap

In this platform, you are going to get direct access to both Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop, and they allow you to see their portfolio in real-time.

The Millionaire Roadmap is a sort of mentorship service, and you can pick useful tips from it. it comprises of the following:

  • Millionaire Roadmap Chatroom

The moderators of this chatroom are successful multimillionaire traders, with over $1 million in profits from the trade. Therefore, such individuals would be useful guides to have in your journey in the stock market.

They would give you some ideas plus they are going to answer any query that you may have.

  • Mastermind

This is a video library with recordings by the millionaire traders where they share their secrets on the strategies they use to trade. 

Where else would you get millionaire tips than from the millionaires themselves?

  • Daily Video Watch List

Jason compiles a watchlist of stocks that he is currently monitoring, and by following the same stocks, you get to know the exact move that he is going to make.

An advantage of this feature is that you may even buy some of the stocks before Jason himself does. Since he rates the said stocks highly, chances are high that you are looking at the right stocks.

This is one of the best strategies that you may ever get to use.

  • Live Trading

These are Jason's live trading videos, and you may copy whatever he is doing in them. Note that you may disregard whatever you do not find to be useful.

  • DVD Library

This a bonus set of training videos and you get them absolutely free.

  • Daily Wrap-Up

The Daily Wrap-Up is another compilation of about 200 videos each of them lasting for about 20 minutes. The videos are recorded daily while there are some breaks in-between the sessions.

2. Daily Video Watch List System

In this section, you get access to over 300 videos which Jason records every day. They go into detail on the daily picks, and some of the videos are merely irrelevant.

Some of the topics that you can expect the videos to cover include momentum hunting, Penny Stock buys, and so on.

Here, you can also buy some of the stock that Jason is looking at even before he makes a move himself.

3. Chat Room

Ask any subscriber his favorite feature of this program, and there is a high chance that he may point at the live chat room.

This is because the chat room is where you are going to find all the information regarding the picks of the moment. The things you find include the stocks’ catalysts, the charts, and the entries and exits that you ought to go for.

Do not worry about irrelevant information flooding the chat room as the expert team of moderators are going to ensure that only appropriate content is displayed.

Another thing is that you can see all the members of the chat room plus you have the option of muting or sending direct messages to individuals.

4. The Education Suite

Once you subscribe to this service, you get access to the program’s education suite, which is packed with a lot of educational content, mostly videos. 

Let us briefly break down some of the topics that the educational section of this program covers:

  • The Basics of Swing Trading

This is a guide that is specially designed for beginners. It covers all the basics of the trade, and it features twelve training videos on how you can copy a pro's strategy.

  • How to Trade Like A Pro

In this DVD, you get a set of structured videos whose topics are arranged in a particular order. We advise that you follow the videos as arranged on the page.

  • Day Trading Playbook

Here, there is a lot of content that would be useful to both beginners and professionals in trading stocks. There are various topics covered from the basics to the more complicated ones, and so there is always something to learn.

  • The House Always Wins

This is training material that covers ‘Naked Options’ in detail. You get videos as well as e-books for the training.

  • Stock Trading Tools

These include stock scanning software, stockbrokers, charting software and so on. All of these tools aim to make your stock trading experience to be easier.

You may even get books on stock trading if you want to further your education.

  • Coffee Club

The Coffee Club features numerous Facebook that Jason does occasionally. He does not follow a specific timeline in producing these videos, and he may release several videos weekly or even monthly.

They are short videos with the longest ones lasting for about 20 minutes, and they cover a wide range of topics including the stocks to watch, the hot stock picks on Wall Street, among others.

  • Penny Stocks 101

This section is ideal for beginners, and it comprises of about 20 videos, with all the sessions lasting between 10-20 minutes. 

5. The Portfolio

Here, you get several live trading charts that automatically update every twenty minutes. They show Jason's live trades, and you can see what he is buying, selling plus you get to know the profits he is making with each trade.

6. Alerts

These are buy and sell alerts that members receive via text and email messages. Any time Jason and his team buy stock, they send you the alerts so that you could take advantage to make profits.

The stocks are low-risk, and although the profits are not that great, they are decent enough to encourage you to make a trade.

As for the sell alerts, they are meant to inform you of the best time to sell a particular stock after you have bought it. With these alerts, you get to learn from Jason's profitable strategies, the main difference being that you are doing so in real-time.

A point to note is that Jason encourages you to use his strategies to pick your stocks rather than mimic all his trades.

Jason Bond Picks

Check out His Stock Trading Methods

The Pricing

When it comes to pricing, this program has three different subscription plans which are based on the services you will be receiving from each package. 

This is a step from other similar platforms whereby the subscription plans vary with the level of access that you get to the services on offer but are just but variations of the same program.

Here are the subscription plans for you to choose from:

I) Day and Swing Trading

This package is specifically designed for the professionals who are bust with other day jobs but want to make income from trading stocks on the side.

It is the most affordable package at $399 quarterly, and you have limited options on the number of features you get access to.

Some of the features that you get to enjoy in this package include a daily watch list, weekly swing alerts on stocks that are valued at less than $10, real-time entries and exits, and the education suite.

II) Long-Term Trading

The second package, just like the first one, is for professionals who lack time to trade during the day. However, these individuals want to make big profits investing in stocks.

It costs $1999 per year, and you get better features than the first package.

Once you subscribe, you will be entitled to between three and seven long-term trades, besides an extensive watch list, Jackpot Penny Stocks and over 100% profits within a few months.

III) The Millionaire Roadmap

The final package is for the serious traders who are looking to make serious profits, and as expected, it is the most expensive package.

At $9,999 per year, you will get access to all the services that this stock picking service has to offer.

It is a mentorship program by Jason himself, and you also get direct access to Jeff Bishop and Alan Marshall, who are experts in the trade.

Who is Jason Bond?

If you do not already know who the creator is, then we are going to tell you something about him. Jason Bond is a multi-millionaire trader who had been a teacher for close to a decade.

We can say he never entirely abandoned his teaching prowess since he, along with Jeff Bishop, are the founders of Raging Bull which is a reputable brand in training traders on the fundamentals of the stock market.

He is a specialist in swing trading and has a passion for guiding upcoming traders into becoming as successful as he is.

Who is the service best for?

Do you have some money lying idle? Do you wish to make some money by investing in the stock market? Do you have an interest in penny stocks?

If the answer to the three questions above is yes, then Jason Bond Picks is the perfect service for you. 

It features several videos to educate you on swing trading plus there is a chat room where you get answers to your queries from experts in the field.

Even better is that you can use the service without giving up your day job.

Is It Legit?

If you are a part-time trader who has a day job to focus on, then you may find this service to be worth investing in.

In this platform, you can learn all there is about stock markets so that eventually you can find your own feet in the trade. 

Another proof of legitimacy is that it is hard to find negative reviews of the program, and there is a competent customer care team to respond to any queries you may be having.

So, according to us, Jason Bond Picks is not a scam.


  • It is easy to use and friendly for beginners
  • Available for traders beyond the USA
  • Has an active chat room where you could pick a few tips
  • You get access to a variety of videos of trading lessons
  • Transparent
  • Site has testimonials from traders who have benefited from this service


  • Jason does not show all his losses
  • A bit pricey for beginners
  • Only available online
  • Has no refund policy or trial period

Final Words

What more can we say? We find this program to be pretty amazing. All you need is some patience and discipline, and you will have gathered all the experience to be a successful trader, just like Jason Bond.

Just follow what you are taught in the videos, and you should listen to the experts that you interact with in the chat room. 

In the end, you should become an independent trader ready to make a kill in the stock market.