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Kyle Dennis is the multi-millionaire trader behind “Dollar Ace”, “Biotech Breakouts”, “Fast 5 Trades”, “FDA Insider Alerts”, “Sniper Report” and “Option Rocket”. Kyle Dennis reviews the options and biotech markets to find profitable trades and show them to his community.

Are you looking for a smart way of investing your money? If you want an investment that allows you to sit back and let the money work for you, you should consider investing in stocks.

Now, being a newbie in stock trading is not very easy and may easily become an unpleasant experience. All the technical terms plus knowing the right stocks to invest in could be overwhelming.

For this reason, it is vital that you find the right platform that would give you a smooth ride in the field.

Our research brought us to the Fast 5 Trades by Kyle Dennis, and we have done an extensive review of this service.

Let’s see what this service is all about

What is the Fast 5 Trades?

This is a stock alerts service that is specially designed to suit those who are new to the trade. It is part of the Raging Bull network, and if you are wondering what the 'fast 5' name is all about, there is a simple explanation to it.

The service involves buying a hot stock on Monday and selling it on Friday, which is five days later. The intention is to make a fast profit, hence the name Fast 5.

Besides offering you a hot stock pick, there is a lot more that you get from this service, and we shall make this clear by analyzing the main features of the program.

Key Features

What do I get from this service? This must be the question that is ringing through your mind now. As you shall see in our discussion below, there is plenty for you in this program.

Let’s go!

I) Monday Morning Stock Alerts

At the start of each week, Kyle provides you with information regarding the hot stock pick of the week. You should be told on what to buy, the sell point and the point when you ought to abandon the trade before making a loss.

Kyle sends these alerts in text and email messages before the markets open, and your net gain should be in the range of 10-50%. What you gain depends on the point that you decide to take the profits.

II) Free Webinar

In this webinar, Kyle talks to you about the tips and strategies that he has developed in about seven years. These strategies would help you perfect in consistent trades and claims that they have the potential of getting you earnings of between 20-40%.

He also tells you on how he settled on the Monday hot picks, with the secret being the insider information he has on the biotech companies. Additionally, Kyle also states that the stock price is affected by one of the company’s products which has caught the attention of Wall Street.

III) The Training Guides

This is one of the notable features of this service. Once you subscribe to the Fast Five Trades platform, you get access to the following ebooks:

  • 7 Deadly Trading Sins
  • Middle-Class Millionaire
  • The $2.9 million

All these materials aim to sharpen your skills in the trade. If you thought the training guide is something, check out the training academy.

IV) The Training Academy 

In as much as the training guide is a handy bonus, the training academy is more valuable in that it covers a wider range of topics.

When you subscribe to the service, you will get links to over 68 recorded webinars that focus on the following topics:

  • Day trading
  • Catalyst trading
  • Trading psychology
  • Swing trading
  • Trading platform setup
  • Options trading

These recordings date back to 2017, and after going through all of them, you should have become more knowledgeable on various aspects of the stock market and trades.

V) Stock Options Course

This course is formulated by Jeff Bishop and is entitled ‘Stock Options Explained’. Note that it is available across all platforms in the Raging Bull network and it features 22 extensive lessons on options trading to ensure you miss nothing concerning the trade.

One thing you should know about Jeff Bishop is that he is a world-class training expert. He is going to present everything in simple videos, texts and charts so that you can grasp everything effortlessly.

You should take advantage of this free course as it has the potential of enhancing your ability to make successful trades.

All the topics are covered in depth, and you should know what trading options involves plus the risks you are likely to face in this venture.

VI) The Customer Support

If you have done any reading on other trading services, you may have come across some complaints regarding the customer support in these platforms. 

With the Fast 5 Trades, you can forget about this problem as you have a competent team of three professionals, Kyle Dennis, Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond.

The three individuals have years of experience in the trade, and they combine all their resources to give you world-class customer support.

Their support comes in the form of live chats, phone calls, and email address. You will get answers to any queries regarding your subscription or any other technical issue.

Fast 5 Trading

Check out Kyle Dennis's FREE Webinar

The Pricing

Now that you know what this service is all about, we are now going to break down how much it is going to cost you. We are going to give you a slight hint that this is one of the most affordable stock picking services that you may ever come across.

You have three subscription options to choose from, with the terms being very straightforward to grasp.

There is the one-year subscription where you will part with $197. Next is the two-year subscription plan that costs $297 while the final plan is a lifetime subscription that requires a one-time upfront payment of $397.

A simple calculation would tell you that the monthly cost of each plan is approximately $16.50. For all the content you will be getting including strategies, weekly stock picks and training, this is an excellent deal.

And, for your peace of mind, you may like the 30-day full money-back guarantee that comes with this service. This means that you have four weeks to try out the platform before fully subscribing to any package.

About the Creator

The founder of this service is Kyle Dennis, who is the part of the Raging Bull team that includes Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond. 

He came into prominence through Jason’s contest known as the Millionaire Roadmap. Kyle fascinated everyone when it took him only three years to turn his initial investment of $15,000 into $3.8 million.

His growth from a debt-ridden college graduate to a wealthy trader is a short period is one of the reasons that make Kyle one of the highest-rated trainers and educators at the Raging Bull trading service.

Other services that are attributed to this young trader include Dollar Ace, FDA Insider Alerts, Biotech Breakouts and Sniper Report. 

Is It Legit?

Yes, it is. First of all, the founder is a self-made millionaire through the same strategies and tips that he is giving you in this program. 

Then, the Fast 5 Trades is part of the Raging Bull trading services which has been around for several years and has similar programs under its wings with impressive results.

If you still doubt the program's legitimacy, what about the fact that Kyle has featured on leading news portals globally, including Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Money Show, Seeking Alpha, The Street, among others.


One thing you should note is that this program doesn’t offer any brokerage or stock trading services, nor is it an automatic trading service.

So, after subscribing to Kyle’s service, you have to establish your brokerage account from which you will be doing the stock trading. 

Who Is It for?

The newbies who are just joining the stock trading are the ones who would be satisfied with this service. The program is designed such that the introduction is smooth and easy to give the new traders an appropriate welcome.

The pros in the field may not be cool with the idea of being alerted of only one stock pick per week. On top of that, all the training and education offered may be boring since they are already familiar with whatever they are hearing.

The patience to wait for an alert to hit your inbox every Monday morning may not be there.


  • You do not need prior experience to trade the stock pick that has been recommended
  • The creator, Kyle Dennis, is an expert in the stock market fundamentals and this adds to the program’s credibility
  • The setup is easy so that you can follow the trades smoothly


  • You will not be shown the profit point of the trades

Final Words

Isn't it cool to have your own stock investment firm in your pocket? If your cell phone has stock trading apps, then this dream can become a reality.

The Fast 5 Trades service allows you to monitor stocks and receive alerts every Monday morning so that you know the best move to make. 

In the end, you’d appreciate how easy it is to become a millionaire without leaving your house every day. After all, Kyle did it, why can’t you?