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Over the past 20 years Jeff’s made multi-millions trading stocks, ETFs, and options. He is renowned as an incredible trader with a deep insight and pulse on the markets. But even greater than his ability as a trader is his skill and passion in teaching others how to trade and rake in profits while managing risk.

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Work smart and not hard?’ This is a principle that is gradually being adopted by different sectors of the economy, one of them being the stock markets.

The world of financial markets can be confusing such that you may know the basics, but you have no idea how you could go on from there.

The good news is that you do not have to do the hard work, but you could still make a killing in the trade. Instead of using up all your time studying the markets, you could let other people to the analysis for you.

In this instance, we are going to tell you about the Bullseye Trades, which is a service that works on this principle (picking trades for you).

About Bullseye Trades

This is an options trading alert service that is founded by Jeff Bishop, one of the owners of Raging Bull Inc. 

In this platform, Bishop picks out an options trade for his subscribers every Monday, and he sends them this idea. The subscribers get insights via weekly reports on the trade that you intend to make.

From here, the subscribers can piggyback off Bishop’s trade, although you should manage the trades through his charts.

Features of the Service

By now, you must be dying to know what you would be receiving by subscribing to this service. We can tell you that there is very little in this system, and this implies that there are no complications.

Unlike other competing platforms where you are bombarded with video tutorials to learn from, here you only wait for the emails or texts on Monday mornings to update you on the hot picks. 

Let’s see what it is that the program offers you.

I) Monday Morning Trade Pick

This is the basis upon which the entire service lies. Every Monday morning, as the week starts, Bishop picks out a trading idea and sends out to his members. Accompanying this idea is a recommendation on the best time to make an entry or an exit.

The alert comes in the form of a text or email message.

II) Weekly Money Multiplier

The WMM is an educational service founded by Jeff Bishop himself, and it aims to teach you everything about options trading. Here, you get all the guidance you need to become a guru like Jeff.

You can follow Jeff and see if you like his strategies in the market. You could choose to piggyback his trades or come up with your own strategy. 

Note that this is an educational component which you may never use, but there is always something to learn, and this may help you sharpen your skills in options trading.

III) Free Options Trading Book

A few years back, Bishop wrote a book entitled ‘Option Profit Accelerator’ and it talks about the options market as well as the strategies he employs to make a killing.

Subscribers of this service will get a free e-book, and it is going to help you understand hoe Jeff makes his hot trade picks. In the end, you should have learned how to make the picks yourself.

IV) Free Options Trading Webinar

If you want to access this service, you have to register for it by providing Bishop with your email address. 

The webinar is quite resourceful, and it tells you more about how the system works. The book goes further and analyzes real trades to help you build your confidence in options trading.

Bishop is going to explain how one option trade in a week is enough to double your investment within seven days.

V) Customer Support

Where else would you get a such a competent customer support? This is a common characteristic of all the services that run under the Raging Bull platform.

Any time you have a query, you could get in touch with the customer service team via email, live chat or phone call.

Keep in mind that while you may not get a direct response from Bishop himself, the customer support team has the appropriate training, and you may not even notice the difference. 

Bullseye Trading

Check out Jeff Bishop's Trading Methods

How the Service Works

You will be surprised at how Bullseye Trades service works. Jeff sends out his best stock trading pick and idea every Monday. Instead of trading more, the service urges you to trade less often but more profitably. 

On Monday morning, you get an email just when the market is about to open. Here, Jeff would tell you his top trading idea of the week, and this is where your journey with Jeff begins.

Your target should be to make gains of between 50% to 300% score, and Jeff ensures that he sends screenshots of his trading so that the members are always updated.

If you are wondering how Bishop is so successful with his trade, you should know that he relies on a particular pattern to make his decisions.

This pattern has three phases; The Breakdown, The Sideways Action and The Bullish Breakout. With this information, Jeff can swing the trade significantly to his advantage.

The Pricing

To access this service, you have three subscription packages to choose from. You could go for the weekly trial that costs $49. 

Then, there is the annual membership subscription package that would cost you $299. The final package is the unlimited membership package that you can purchase at $499. 

The payment plan in the unlimited package is structured such that you could part with $59 per year.

About Jeff Bishop (Creator)

If you have been in options trading for a while, the creator does not need any introduction. Nevertheless, we are going to discuss him anyway.

His name is Jeff Bishop, who is a multi-millionaire options trader. He is an options trading guru and has been in the game for over twenty years. Besides options, Bishop also deals in ETFs.

He is a founding member of the RagingBull stocks alert service, together with Jason Bond and Allan Marshall.

Bishop also gave us the Weekly Money Multiplier, which is an educational service on options trading. He has featured on Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, World Report, Forbes, among others.

All these accolades should tell you that Bishop did not gamble his way to the top. On the contrary, he knows what he is doing, and the best thing of all is that he has no problem sharing his strategies with other traders.

Is It Legit?

The question that must be ringing through your mind now is “is this service a scam or legit?” We are going to get you out of this dilemma once and for all.

Let’s start with the owner, Jeff Bishop. He had already established himself as a millionaire before founding the Bullseye Trades service. Therefore, he does not have a reason to scam you out of your money.

Another proof of the legitimacy of this program is the subscription fees. Compared to other platforms offering similar services, the Bullseye Trades is very affordable.

Then, the creator goes ahead and gives you a free e-book to help you sharpen your skills in options trading. How often do you find scammers who are willing to train their victims? Your answer is a good as mine, never!

If all the above points to not convince you that this service is legit, then we don’t know what will.

Who is this service best for?

The options alerts service is suited for traders of all levels. Although you need to have basic knowledge of options trading, there is sufficient training material that makes the program comfortable for beginners.

As for the pros, they are going to be attracted by the weekly trade idea that comes on Monday mornings. Thereafter, they can execute their strategy on this idea and hold on to the trade if it satisfies what is expected of it.

The basic thing is that all the hard work of persistent research is no longer there to stress you out.

The Community of Investors

Once you subscribe to this service, you will get access to the Bullseye Trades community, which is a platform where traders get to share their ideas. This gives you the opportunity to learn something new, plus you could also provide a few pointers to other members of this community.

On top of that, the side often provides articles and newsfeeds so that you are always up to date with whatever is happening in the world of options trading.


  • It is very affordable
  • Everything about it is simple to give you an easy time trading
  • The founder is a guru in options trading and you follow his strategies
  • It is not time-consuming. Five minutes may be enough to make a profit
  • You get access to a community where you can pick up some new tricks


  • Not everyone is comfortable sharing their email address or phone number with strangers as required in the sign-up
  • There are complains of the site being too loud

Final Words

Do you have a day job that you feel does not give you enough income? If you have an interest in options trading and you would like to use it for supplementing your income, we suggest you try out Bullseye Trades.

It does not need a lot of time and effort plus making profits is a sure bet.

Have a go, won’t you?